Let us change the world! Lots of us are new and it seems very Brave!

Another of these new posts its seems. I live in a rural area so not too many to invite but I do have my Husband using Brave.
We are new into Cryptocurrency but did tend to be lazy computer users.

Why did we venture this way. Sick of sitting about and watching.

We do not like the path that it seems the world is determined to be on and want to be part of the change even if in a small way

As I said we were lazy computer users and honestly looking to learn and there is so much to learn

Look forward to chatting to anyone and everyone!


I think you made a great decision!

Really hope Brave and BAT are going to have a huge impact on the status quo of browsing and advertising.

We need to invite and spread the word as much as possible!

The future is Brave :medal_military: