Just landed! :) I'm Kwabena

Hi peepz :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently joined the Brave community yesterday because of me being tired of Chrome and it’s shenanigans! A while ago i took a short look at Brave and Tor was Intrigued by the initiative and movement of the team behind. At that time i didn’t take it seriously to completely switch to another browser. But… yesterday…i was busy browsing and kept being harassed with ads and i lost it! I decided to start digging back into the alternative browsers and re-evaluate my choice. After a few readings and video’s on YouTube, i saw the light! After that i just wanted to be Brave . I have been using Brave excessively since yesterday and i am blown away with the speed and protection from all the nasty stuff.

Also a nice addition is the possibility to step into the crypto world, which i know nothing of. I wish to learn a lot about browsing, the browser Brave, last but not least the crypto world and where to make a good start. I hope you guys will welcome me with open arms and make me feel right at home :).

Btw, if i made some mistakes in my sentences and grammer, my apologies. This is not my native language. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @Kwabena


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Anyway, you’re welcome.

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