Issues with sending BAT to preivously verified and working Brave Creator reddit account

Hi BAT team. I have been having a variety of issues for several months and this is one of them.

I can’t say for certain, but I believe the issues started a few months back when I got a new iPhone, and set up the new phone using a backup, thus creating two instances of the same Brave browser on 2 different phones. I have had issues claiming BAT on the new phone that I resolved by uninstalling/reinstalling the Brave Browser, but this issue persists.

I have previously had a verified creator account ( proof of brave creator website with this user name on it: for this reddit user name (proof in my uphold account with this username:, and I have received BAT from another user there, and have tipped myself as well to test that it worked, which I cannot do any more.

(continued in next post because I can only link to two of the images due to my account being new)


That hasn’t been the case since my new phone. It actually looks like I am not even verified anymore. Here is both phones showing me I am not verified:

…And to make matters even MORE strange, if I go to my profile on the desktop browser version of reddit it actually shows that I AM verified: - This same issues is present if I go to my verified YouTube page. On the mobile browser it shows not verified, and on the desktop it shows verified.

Any insight here? Do I need to reverify somehow? Did switching phones create some issue?

Consult brave customers care

Hmmm, I thoughts that what this forum was? Where else would I go to do that?

Bump for visibility. Any help Brave team?

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