Issue adding .crypto domain as Channel in Brave Creators Rewards Program

Hello, dear BAT Community!

I’m having an issue within the Brave Creators Rewards Program:
I’m signed in the Creators Program and i’m trying to add my .crypto blockchain domain (domainname.crypto) to my channels so I can get a referral link for that one.

But I get the following:

"There were errors saving your request:

Website Domain: Is on the Brave Publisher website exclusion list…"

Does it means that I can’t add .crypto domains as a website (I do have access to the domain directory) on Creators Program yet?
What’s that ‘exclusion list’ about? :thinking:

I’m pretty sure that, with html pointing, we can add Brave ads in our censorship-resistance websites, so that would be great for the web3 implementation!
Hoping to get an answer on this one :pleading_face:

Also, If you are willing to get a .crypto or .zil domain name for your own, I kindly share with you my referral link (you would get 10$ credit on your first purchase):


Great work and thanks in advance.