Is uphold account the only way to withdrawal your earnings in brave?

Is uphold account the only way to withdrawal your earnings in brave?


In short, yes @Valentine24.


I might have to leave Brave dues to Uphold wallet. They have taken almost a month to verify my account and no response so I contacted the support and after a week I get a response that my verification did not pass the required specifications and do not mention the reason why. If uphold is the only way I do not like the way they respond and communicate. I am sad BAT and Brave are associated only with this wallet. I have been an open advocate of brave even before I knew about the rewards. It is sad.


@Valentine24 who are you by the way ???

Currently yes, but we are working on new withdrawal methods as well :slight_smile:.

Can I withdraw my BAT earnings without Uphold, or not use a custodial solution such as Uphold at all for Brave Rewards?

At present, Brave Rewards only offers a custodial solution with Uphold, although this will be changing (see below). Before verifying your Brave Rewards wallet, your BAT is held anonymously by Uphold on your behalf in Brave Rewards. Verifying your Brave Rewards wallet involves registering for an Uphold exchange account and then linking your Uphold account to Brave Rewards in order to fully claim the BAT held in the Brave Rewards wallet.

  1. We are working to provide other custodial (exchange account) options for Brave Rewards as well, such as Coinbase, and others.
  2. We are working on bridging the native Crypto Wallets feature (based on Metamask) with Brave Rewards so that you may fully control the keys to your Brave Rewards wallet. Please see the following excerpt from our Crypto Wallets announcement post:

The next step is a bigger piece of work, and one we’ve been working towards for a while. We want to integrate the client-side Crypto Wallets feature with Brave Rewards, letting you fully control the keys to your Brave Rewards wallet, as an alternative to Uphold’s custodial wallet. Of course, we’ll still need to meet US and international regulatory requirements when you earn BAT through Brave Rewards. That’ll probably mean some sort of identity verification process. But we’re committed to ensuring that Brave (the company) knows the absolute minimum about you, whether you’re using a hosted Uphold wallet or a private client-side wallet. Designing that system to ensure that we follow the law while ensuring that you remain anonymous is a big deal for us, and one of the most substantial components of this work ahead.

Additionally, see our blog post “Civic to Offer Secure Identity Verification Services on the Brave Publisher Platform” for more on our plans to allow users to connect a plain Ethereum address to Brave Rewards. (Also, see our Help Center article regarding ID-verification/KYC requirements.)


@chriscat, any new update on other exchange accounts? Uphold charges are ridiculous and unbearable. Brave is the best browser I have used not just because of the BAT but you can see they are actively interested in users safe. That alone is enough for me.

Please an alternate to uphold can not come sooner.

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