Is there a site which I can find all verified BAT sites?

I’m looking for a site where I am able to track all BAT verified sites. Is there one ? Would love to go visit other BAT verified sites. I’ve so far enabled 3 of my sites. … please leave a comment of your site in the comment below. I will give it a visit =) - my blogs - my vlog

If there is a directory listing of all BAT sites, I would love to know about. Do share !! Cheers and have a great day


@Malijaffri Brilliant … :+1:


legend … thanks ! that was exactly what I was looking for. However the list does not seem to be updated, how is updates done i wonder ? Is it submission by users or automatically ?

I think it’s supposed to be automatic. Not sure though.

what’s the benefits if you visit verified BAT site? anyway feel free to visit mine