Is there a minimum limit for transfering BAT from uphold?

do you need to transfer a certain minimum at least while withdrawing BAT from uphold?
uphol’s site doesnt say so but i came across ablog that says 40 BAT minimum. i transferred 36 BAT to wazirx. I am wondering if I lost that entirely ( havent received the BAT yet in my wazirx account yet)

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Hi there, I don’t think there’s a minimum - I withdrew 26 BAT just the other day.
If you go to ‘activity’ in the Uphold app it should show you what your recent transactions are. Click on each transaction to expand it’s details.

Uphold have a support article for that.

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I transferred 0.95 BAT, a twitter tip. There was no transaction fee

It took a few days to work out how to do it. Didn’t realise you needed to click on the appropiate card. There was one for each channel, Brave Rewards and Brave. I had to do 3 separate transactions.

Hey brother did you got your deposit less than 40 BAT in your wazirx account