Is there a method to see more ads?

Hi, people. Do you know any method to have more ads per day? How did you do to increase the BATs that you earn? Thank you! Waiting for your answers.


There’s a way to adjust the frequency of ads up to 5 per hour on my mobile phone. I tap on the BAT rewards button at the top of the browser and then tap settings. Then tap “view details” under the “ads” section. Then “settings” and a drop down menu comes with options to choose from 1-5 ads an hour. I recently upped mine to 5 per hour, but I’m not seeing nearly that many. Maybe actually seeing fewer ironically.


Well i really don’t know if this is legit but we don’t lose anything with trying. The month that i got more Ads was exactly the one what i was more active in the forum, but i guess in reality depends more on the country and the time you spend in the browser


*Go to your triangle icon of Brave rewards at the top right corner;*click on it, go to your settings and select the number of rewards do you want to receive per hour.


I would also like to know, I configured mine for 5 ads per hour, but in fact, sometimes it takes days to come 3 or 4 and look there, at first I thought it was the browser configuration, but after I started attending the community , I realized that this is everyone’s problem, at least in the comments I read, and there are many.


I think, if the number of advertisers in our country increases, our number of advertisements increases.


Hey @Leiretxu! thanks for sharing your doubts about the Brave Rewards functionality :lion:

From the words of @kiddrkyle (it’s nice to see around on the forum, btw!), @Vitalize, and @joka, actually that’s a very important set up for getting the maximum profit from Brave Rewards. It is mainly noticeable when you are taking a look on the options and not just installing it.

It is important to understand that the frequency of ads may depend on the deals between Brave and the Advertisers (Like Lenovo, Protonmail, etc) who are willing to be respectful on the advertisement and do have presence on the country we are living, as @Yucel said.

Have a good time :wind_chime:


Anohter thing, if you are recent member, don’t expect a lot of ads instantly. The bowser gives you randmoly ads with low activiy(Proton ads) but the more time you spend, searching, researching, buying, and using the bowser for any sort of things, gradually you wil receive ads according of your activiy. For example i like the investments an crypto and the bowser gave me an add of Ripio, a web of crypto only of my Country, Argentina


Did you try to be a creator ? I did it on my website and twitter so i can get some donations of my followers who are using Brave, and i’ve been sharing a link to download Brave, there is more than 5 people using Brave rn because I send the link to them, and i got received like 9 BATs for doing it.

I guess if we help people to use brave we will have more ads to see and more BATs to earn.


I have been sending links to download BRAVE, but here in Brazil people are still “crawling” in this cryptocurrency business, not to mention that BRAVE is in English and not everyone knows how to put that extension that translates the page I think BRAVE is a browser wonderful, after you started using it youtube doesn’t even seem like youtube because it takes away all ads, but the Brazilian needs to learn about these advantages.


Good for you,keep it up the good work,you are also welcome!


I recently started using duckduckgo as my default search engine, and I’ve noticed a drop in the frequency of ads. Anyone else experience the same thing?


shows how many active ad campaigns per country


Be a creator, help them.


Hey…I love the idea, the more people that use brave browser the more ads there is, to be displayed on brave… prior to being a creator I post my WhatsApp status about the security and benefits of brave browser


This month has improved a lot, the 5 ads a day are coming, NEVER this had happened before.


This month things were good, I am receiving 5 ads per day, it had never happened before.


I did the same to up my reward

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