Is it safe to buy with credit/debit card BAT?

I want to buy some BAT coins from Uphold using my debit card and store them there for a long period, is it safe to keep them there and trading ?

No different from any other cryptocurrency purchases.

I was recently locked out of my Uphold account for two weeks, their log in system is awful and their support totally sucks, sending me copy and paste replies, asking me to provide a video recording of the screen, which I did, and every single time somebody with a different name would update the ticket with more copy and paste bullshit and they only way this was solved is because I solved it myself finding out what was wrong, a security mistake Uphold is making that is what was wrong.

I will cut the story short for you, to be able to log into Uphold you must click on a link they send to your email address, but smart ass Uphold is using “” to send those important login links, this is the same address they use to send newsletters, the chances that email address is going to be blacklisted by some spam filter is high, if that happens, like it happened to me, and you don´t have access to the spam folder you will never be able to log into your account.

Uphold proposed that I changd my account email address and they sent me a link to provide them with a copy of my passport, which I did, but they never updated the email in my account and I had no access to the account.

That is what made me lose trust in the company, support that totally sucks, I had the ticket opened for over two weeks, they keep asking me new things all the time, and they never solved anything, it would take them two to three days to reply to each ticket.

If you are ever locked out of your account it is going to be challenging. They are a regulated company and I dont think they will steal your money, but if you are lose one day your phone you are going to have to fight with support to get access to your money, well that is my experience, thankfully I only had 5 euros there so I did not have to sweat. Definetely not gong to trust them with more than 5 euros, as soon as I have something in the account I will withdraw.

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Thank you yubi for your information!

So your telling me that if for some reason i lost or forgot my Uphold account its gonna be very tough to retrieve it back, but i think most of the wallet companies has a little bit the same prosecution for the safety of their costumers.

What is more important to me is to know if is it safe to buy with a credit/debit card and if so there is any chance that this company can hold my cards information and use it in future without my authorization.

I just wont to invest some money on BAT and hold em, thats why i was asking this question at the first time.

Also thank you for your time to share your experience with Uphold support system it was very helpful.

Uphold is registered with various financial authorities so I don´t think they will be using your credit card to rip you off, I trust them with about that because I could fill in a claim with my credit card company if they rip me off.

The only problem I see with Uphold is that their support team is not good, if one day something goes wrong by mistake, it will be difficult to solve.

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