Investor in Crypto from Eindhoven, Netherlands

Hello everybody.

My name is Peter, 50 yo, and living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Started end 2017 with investing in various Blockchain related tech companies through my company, and currently expanding my knowledge and looking for new investments related to this revolutionary development.

Installed Brave as my previous browser started acting up, and love the fact that you can earn some crypto-currency while surfing, and diving deeper into the expanding information about the Blockchain developments.

Will check into here often to see new developments and participate on certain discussions.

Btw, Happy New Year, and a fruitful 2020 to you all…


Hi @KazSolCrypto, great to have you here. What types of projects have you invested in, if you can share?

You mentioned your previous browser started acting up. Which browser did you switch from? And, what aspects of Brave do you like the most?

Hey Dan.

Well, I’ve been investing in a multitude of companies, such as: Dragonchain, EOS, WePower, Cashaa, Nucleus Vision, Enjin, Maecenas, and some others.
All these from the moment they set up an ICO… So pretty early. :wink:
I have taken advantage of the booming market back in 2017/2018, but now I’m in for the long haul.

I used Chrome before switching over to Brave. I still use it, as it has some small advantages, but they slowly phase out as I use Brave more frequently and get the hang of it.

The advantage I love within Brave, is the ad blocking… So much more efficient.

Hello to every body here. My name is Emmanuel Glaydor and I am new here. I will really need some assistance and education on how this works. And I will really appreciate it a lot. Thanks to everyone and have blessed Happy New Year.

Hi,how much you earned already through this browser?

I just join and I have not yet earn anything.