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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would do a quick introduction. My name is Paula and I am a CPA, data lover, and Microsoft Excel MVP. I have been teaching online for around 10 years and blogging for the last 3. My blog is In addition to blogging about Excel, I have an interest in blockchain and I am an active member of Hive - a decentralized social blockchain.

The blog itself offers a unique experience where each post contains a learn and earn activity. I reward those that take part in the Excel activities with tokens using blockchain technology.

I have been verified on Brave for some time now but I never really did any real push to my following until recently.

Over the last few weeks, I have included a new section in my weekly newsletter, ‘Support us on Brave’ with some details on what brave is and leaving tips. from this, there have been a few downloads and installs which is great to see.

Last week I took the next step and published a video explaining the Brave browser and now this week I took a bigger step.

I publish a weekly curation video, where I spotlight great articles I read on the web around the subject of Excel. This week I started to use this video to promote brave and bat. I made a statement in the video that anyone curated will get BAT tips, but obviously they must be a verified creator. I am hoping this will attract more creators, but also, those following my videos will also want to tip the blogs too when they see me do it. I will be promoting it today

I dont see to many brave creators promoting brave, or even asking for tips.

I also don’t see too much community activity between creators, maybe I am looking in the wrong place? Can anyone guide me? Meetups would be nice, for creators to share ideas. Ideas on how to grow as a creator and how to use BAT to our advantage. If there are none, I will gladly start hosting some? Maybe even some contests to get the community talking, drive some attention. It would be nice to build an active bat creators community.

The adoption of Brave does not seem to be a problem. but I don’t know about the use of BAT and tipping and stuff so I would also love to see some data. Not sure if it is possible but if it is, please point me in the right direction? Who are the biggest tippers? are they many monthly tips? which platform gets more tips? bla bla. It would be really great info to have.

Well I guess thats a lot for a quick intro. Good job I am not the shy type
Have a great day, and feel free to support my content on Brave :smile: :upside_down_face:


Hi welcome to the BAT community @paulag

thanks - its great to be here

Thanks for your post. I agree Brave is still in its infancy years and know-how is still low for creators around the globe. I mean, whom can you tip? is limited and adoption has to be both ways.
Was good to read about you and will look for more videos on crypto if you post. You can do a Hive video maybe? PowerBi videos are cool too.

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great post and idea, hello from venezuelan

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