Introduction by Joan Altres


Hello! Just a quickie intro:

My name, if you haven’t guessed it already, is Joan Altres. I’m an Internet Marketer (don’t groan, please - I do ethical marketing, mostly sell organizer-type software and affiliate marketing to my subscriber list).

I’ve been a Brave user for quite some time now, but then my phone could no longer contact the Google Authenticator server, so 2FA stopped working. Had to submit a request to disable it. I guess I have a long 2 week wait ahead of me.

But nevertheless, I love the Brave Browser, and I’m looking forward to the future development of it. It’s a very exciting project.

All the best!


Hello Joan!

So nice to have you here :). I guess for 2FA, you went through the 2FA recovery steps, which requires you to wait 14 days?

Let us know if there’s anything the community can do to help you explore BAT & Brave, and see how it can help you as a marketer.

Also, be sure to check if there is a meetup going on in your area (ignore the “Bogota, Colombia” part):


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Hey @joanaltres, great to have you as a part of the community!