Interested in becoming a Regional Leader? Here's how!

Interested in becoming a BAT Community Regional Leader? Here’s more about the about the role and responsibilities expected of a Regional Leader.

About the Role

The Regional Leader role is part of a grassroots, community-driven movement to increase awareness around BAT/Brave, drive adoption, and grow the community. Regional Leaders responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining various social media groups for their region (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,, etc.).
  • Sharing news and updates about the project.
  • Organizing in-person meetups in their region to educate and inform the public about Brave and BAT.

The role is engaging, fun, allows you to get out into the community, meet new people, and share your passion for this great project!

Please note that the position of Regional Leader is an unpaid, volunteer position. You will not be employed by nor considered a contractor for Brave Software. If you are looking for employment, please visit We do, of course, support our Regional Leaders with merchandise, promotional BAT, and other forms of recognition!


If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a private message with your country, state, and city / province or leave a reply in this thread. If we already have an active group of regional volunteers in your area, I can connect you with them. If not, we can explore setting you up as a Regional Leader in your area.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to respond to this post!

(At this time, you must be fluent in English to participate in the Regional Leader program.)


Where do I send the private message? :slight_smile:


I need to edit that! You need to have a certain amount of time on the board before you can do that. I’m sending you a PM now. Let me know if you don’t receive it!


Good Afternoon! I’d love to get a group going in Erie, Pennsylvania. We’ve got a lot of startups moving to the area, a thriving co-working community and are going to be apart of the Mastercard SMART City pilot with San Jose, Austin, Buenos Aires and more. The focus in our area is on cyber security and more people need to know about Brave here. I already try to gain as many users as I can. - Have a great one! Ed


Hello! I’m interested in setting up a group in central Massachusetts! I’m super excited about Brave/BAT and can’t wait to share that excitement and education with others in my community.

Have a great day!


Hey, I would love to set up a group in Munich, Germany.

Best regards,

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Hi, im Interest of become a Regional Leader in Caracas, Venezuela. I also have a team in Barquisimeto and Cumana (Im in the capital and my Team are in West and East of the Country)

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I would love the opportunity to be a regional leader here in U.S Des Moines, Iowa!

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Hi there. I would love to become BAT community Regional Leader in Bangladesh.

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@Dan See my profile in, can you help me in becoming a regional leader for Venezuela? There in Batcommunity org I Cant PM you…

I’d like to become a regional leader.
Mexico, Jalisco, Guadalajara.



Hey Dan, not able to send you a PM but i’m located in Toronto, Canada and am interested in becoming a regional leader. Would love to talk more about this, Thanks!

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This is a really cool concept. I wish I was more affluent on the world of crypto and software in general so I could be an impactful regional leader. Ohio Valley region would be my stomping ground. :muscle:

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Hey bro @Dan! This is such a great concept to further introduce Brave to the world and raise awareness about this awesome project. Last week, I wore a t-shirt with Brave logo printed on it going to school. Some fellas noticed it and said I’m very good at designing it and I said, “No it’s a new browser, it’s what I use now to watch adult content.” :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ll be very much willing to be a Regional Leader if you’re looking for one in my country though I have already promoted Brave and BAT to a group of fellow bloggers and to FB groups I’m managing on Facebook.

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Barcelona! :raise_hand_man:

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Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

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@htmelvis @SassyShy @Daviddto @Erickson1504 @James @Moinul @VictorAguilera @ghosty9 @Ashu @jsalvia @imbrave Sent you all PMs regarding the Regional Leader program!

@imbrave Thank you very much for sharing Brave with the world! Great to see it promoted from people all over the world. :smiley:

@TheSnarfy Let us know if you’re interested! Hanging around the community should give you an understanding of the software (Brave) and token (Basic Attention Token). We can provide guidance with what you should know prior to doing a meetup, or if you want to learn on your own and have questions. Always feel free to reach out or post on the forums. That’s what we’re here for!


@Dan, Thanks and I’ve already replied to your pm.

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thank you, i’ve also sent a reply.

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