Integration with Unsplash

Maybe it’s already in the works, but if not then it would be a great integration.

Unsplash is the largest free stock photography website, it’s 160’739 photographers who shared 1.3mio images, there’s 25 photo downloads per second (more stats here)

They’re also ranked #290 on Alexa.

Their API is powering 1429 applications and they’re very open and friendly in working with new partners.

The basic idea would be to be able to tip a photographer on Unsplash, as a thank you for using one of their image.

Here’s what happen when you download an image from Unsplash website, this message appears. You could include a “Tip” there (for Brave browser users)

Because Unsplash has the member info and a mail system they could immediately inform the picture owner that someone tipped them. This means that the photographer who received the tip would most probably install Brave to get his reward, leading to many more Brave installs. A win-win.

Note: I used to be a contributor to Unsplash, I had 527 photos on the platform, 884mio views (36mio per month) and 5.4mio downloads (229k per month)