Integration to use bat on the steam community market?

Maybe someday we could use the basic attention token to trade things on the steam community market (most of the cards have low cost, ranging on a few cents) and it would be a good way to add value and functionality to the bat token.
To the brave team, keep up the good work!:slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think such integration could be technically possible. You can’t make reliable and secure trade system on Steam outside Steam. All market transactions are going through Steam and, if it concerns buy/sell on the market, it is possible only with Steam wallet funds (what goes into Steam, it stays there). What’s more, as I recall correctly, you can’t pay for trading there at all (only item for item).

The only way would be a cooperation with Valve on that, to provide such integration as a part of their trading system. The thing is, that there is no way they would agree on that, because it’s “against” their business, to let people pay avoiding Steam.

The other problem is that cryptocurrency value is in instant change. Valve had experimenting with Bitcoin, letting people adding funds to their wallets through it. They later resigned from that exactly because the reason written above.

Don’t worry, Andrew12, you will have the opportunity to see a new descentralized games community market soon.