Integrated games in bravebrowser

play games with bat as a reward…


This would be good. Maybe one day we’ll get that… or you could help create it when BAT is available for these types of uses!

Maybe be able to use BAT to purchase in-game items too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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tnx, however my computerskills are minimal, i do have another idea. how about a quality rating for content besides bat rewards (for example a 1 to 10 rating per content per account) so you get a more honest look at the content quality…

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@roel Who would determine the content quality? Where would the rating come from?

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if everybody with a verified account could vote once per content item, the voters would be the users… and the ratings come from the votes… how to rate like 1 to 10 or smiley face to sad face is up to your imagination:)

Interesting idea @roel. What type of content would / could you rate?

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I agree with @Dan which would you modify?

@roel I am assuming the leaders or creators of the ad might do the modifying, however I’m very new to this

guess you would need to create your own platform