Inactivity of forum, lack of development updates, new stuff, technical issues, etc

As I can see it seems that forum is a little bit inactive. I can’t see any topics about BAT nor Brave developments also it’s hard for me to say but it seems that post about reward system are the most popular. Just to say I don’t have anything against rewards system but I can’t find any constructive topics.

Maybe you think I’m new with this but I’m lurking around for a long time. Also since 2018 I started to use Brave browser pretty often after couple of months it became my default browsing app. What I want to see is more developments on Brave browser, probably my first wish is Brave swap and Brave exchange.

Probably BAT team should start to interact with their community.

I hope they’ll read this.

Have a nice day,



I feel you brother, this community starts being inactive since the pandemic. the development team messed up with the new updates and what’s worsts is the slow payment (to nothing) that most of us encounter since last year.


Hello saludos a todos

You should visit our Telegram or our subreddit at There is also the that is very active. We will be retiring this forum soon!