In person tipping

Has anyone discussed in-person tipping before? Being at a meetup and having a worth while discussion, or even just saying thanks to someone, that would be very cool. Maybe through an app, or a feature of the mobile browser. If two people have the browser they could tap the phones together, or scan a code, and some BAT could be sent to the other.

Or have I just gone off on a tangent. I realise it’s more for content creators online but it would increase awareness too!


What a neat idea. You mentioned in another thread you do development… Maybe you could build such a thing? :slight_smile:

This isn’t a bad idea. Imagine seeing a local band at a bar or something and you could send the BAT for their performance… Those are still creators!

Maybe you’re onto something here?

That would be awesome! And the way the ETH blockchain is set up I dont imagine it being too hard


I agree, if someone did this and we could just pull up Brave and send a tip, you could do this for all types of things.

  • charities
  • bands
  • Street performers
  • local politicians

What else? :slight_smile: