Improvement needed for multiple tab display in top bar

hello there.

i have a certain problem to report which is not so brave browser specific, but imho it does need to be addressed, as it is an inherited problem from chrome, and is already fixed in some other browsers (opera and firefox).

it’s no a bug per se, it’s more like UX problem which appears for users who use many tabs, like i am.

so, the problem is very simple - once you get past a certain amount of open tabs, new tabs are ‘dissapearing’ on the right, between tab list and + button. they are not actually dissapearing, but they become non accessible in a way that only larger resolution or closing some of the visible ones will make them visible and accessible. there is no way to scroll tab list, or any other way to access them.

this is fixed in opera in a way that tabs don’t have minimum width, so they become smaller and smaller, all they way to single pixel width, but still accessible.

although it does work, firefox has even better solution - tabs do have minimal width, however you can also scroll tab list left-right with mouse wheel, so everything is accessible.

since i do like brave browser, and would like to continue using it, i would like to see this issue addressed and fixed. i know that i may be a part of ‘small’ category of users, but maybe i’m not, and maybe this is not too hard to fix - adding a possibility to scroll left-right with mous wheel seems to be the simplest solution.

here is a screenshot of situation:

thank you, i do hope to see this fixed in future versions.

Hi @rndom,

Thank you for this recommendation :slight_smile:
Can I request you share this feedback over at the Brave Community? The team will be better able to assist.