Im not getting any ads

Hi im not getting any ads or rewards. i have been already enabled ads and rewards still im not getting any ads. Any suggestions please.

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Hi, welcome to brave and bat community to check your reward on brave click on BAT symbol at the right top, you will see view details click on it under Ads there you will see your estimated pending rewards, ads you view and date of payment. Hope it will help

Hi, I’m from Colombia and I have the same problem. Since a few days I didn’t receive any ads for Brave and I have configured all very well. So, I think maybe it’s a problem in all countries of Latin America. Because a friend has the same problem.

Hi, I am from Saudi Arabia and have the same issue and i tried to change address but doesn’t work at all

I also don’t get any ads this month. I’ve tried turning it off and on but nothing changed.

There should be a problem with Brave, not us.