Im new here and dont have any idea what it is

i dont have any idea how this things work. i create an account here because of desperation. im in the philippines and enduring same problem with other countries struggling under covid 19 virus. here in the philippines everything went a mess. we are struggling everyday on how we can get money to feed our mouths and i think its better to have covid 19 than to die of starvation. just want to express my self here. thank you


Hi welcome to the BAT community @sidjiro0328

The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest,

Beginner lessons,

Brave Ads - Supported Countries,

Brave Ads FAQ,

Uphold Non-Supported Geographies ( uphold wallet - to withdraw brave rewards )

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i better get to learn more…thank you sooo much

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Sorry to hear things are so bad. Hopefully this will be one way to have some type of currency coming your way to help. The more you are on the internet using the brave browser the more you will earn BAT. Through your uphold account you can convert that into other currency. You receive your BAT once a month. Just spend as much time as you can using the browser. Click on ads as they come in. Be sure to look into your settings and turn off auto contribute for now so that all of the BAT you earn goes to your account. Hope this gets you started on the right track. Never give up on life. I have been homeless and without food or money before. It is not easy to overcome… At least you are reaching out.

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Thanks for your essential tips in my life!