I'm just frustrated, BAT isn't working properly

Every once in a while, I face the same problem. Ad notification and reward stops and/or just don’t work properly and get fixed all by itself. I don’t change a goddamn thing in my laptop. No idea why it happens! last month about 1.1 BAT just disappeared from my wallet. if I accumulate the total value of BAT I’ve lost due to such problems combined, it would be more than 10 BAT. This is just frustrating! when things will be stable?


So your issues are:

  1. Ads don’t pop-up as set in the rewards settings, ie 5 ads per hour;
  2. 1.1 BAT disappeared from your BAT wallet.

What do you mean BAT wallet? Are you referring to UPHOLD wallet?

I wish to dig-in about your issue since it seemed I might have an issue on the ads settings too. I don’t received 5 ads an hour at all, I only get less than 10 ads in a day.

About the missing BAT. Before I thought I had a missing BAT too, but it appears to become missing from my rewards display because it has been transferred to my UPHOLD wallet. I don’t know if you might have the same issue.


my brave rewards has been stoped . i don’t know why ?

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have you tried updating your browser? You may want to uninstall then re-install your browser.


finally i’ve received my award. i think it is probably about the update new version but i’m not sure


Well I receive announcements once every week since I live in Venezuela and it is not that this poorly adjusted I only win bat in the facilities of my referrals since I am a system and computer technician
bueno yo recibo anuncios una vez cada una semana ya que vivo en venezuela y no es que este mal ajustado solo gano bat en las instalaciones de mis referidos ya que soy tecnico en sistema e informatica :cry: :cry:

Opened here https://community.brave.com/t/i-m-just-frustrated-brave-isn-t-working-properly/134818?u=eljuno