I'm am just starting out my BAT journey in Malaysia

Hey guys, I’m very new to the community and I’m from Malaysia ! Just received my very first payout on BAT and I’m just excited … it did take me awhile to understand how BAT works and the more I researched it … the more I see the value this can bring towards content creators !

A little about me and my Blockchain journey
I’ve been on the STEEM blockchain for a few years now and have been actively promoting and making talks about STEEM. I’ve run workshops and public events talking and promoting the STEEM blockchain. I’ve also did a lot of public speaking in regards to the Steem blockchain in both crypto related events and none crypto related events. Its all about creating content.

Why I think BAT is awesome ?
Like I said … I’m still new however I’ve just started to dabble my feet into BAT’s waters. I’ve setup my YouTube channel and Website about 8 months ago and installed its plugins. Only just last month I start to realized that only if i put more efforts into it then I would receive something back in return.

And thats exactly what happened ! I realized I had done some stuff wrong, and other stuff right ( i hope ) and received my very first payout of BAT tokens which I 'm truly excited about.

I even made a post about it on my steemit blogs which was posted thru wordpress. If you have the time, do check it out.

Wordpress Link : https://steemitup.club/my-very-first-basic-attention-token-bat-publishers-payment/

Steemit Link : https://steemit.com/fundition-76x7abgkz/@bitrocker2020/myveryfirstbasicattentiontokenbatpublisherspayment-6bsa6owwvm

Anyways … I would love to learn more about BAT and would like to have some TIPs if there is any which I could learn more. And anyone here in Malaysia, is there already a community which I can get involved in ?

Cheers and thank you for being a supportive community.


@bitrocker welcome fellow steemian, just visited your wordpress link
catch …

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i follow you nice site https://basicattentiontoken.org/

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thanks a lot @kiwibloke … great to know another steemian on here too =)


thanks @Vmydst35 … appreciate it

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Hello there my fellow Malaysian~


Hi Bitrocker! I’m Chang, Malaysian too. Let’s gather here and learn together!