I'm a little Confused

Hello, Please I want to know more about This community


Hi, you are not alone! I try to get in touch with moderators and get involved, but no one answers me.
What do you want to know? Maybe I can help?


I am also new here and have been looking around for a while. A lot of people seem to be in the same situation looking for advice with problems and yes, there doesn’t seem to be much activity. I just read posts and try to help if I can. Don’t know much about this community either.

Yes, really not sure what’s going on here. There should be somebody official to respond to specific questions. I can see that my PMs are seen, but nobody answers.


Anyway - I will then follow your example and just try to be helpful.


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@Jefe @schmoxx @Peakyblinder77 in short, this forum is for BAT Community – managed by Brave/BAT team. Mainly for BAT related discussion/feedback/question/etc.

And if you have an issue with Brave, then community.brave.com is the right place – official support site.

Thanks a lot, @eljuno so far I understood, but why don’t I get an answer when posting in the apropriate threads and in private messages about becoming a regional leader or getting in touch with a regional leader or getting engaged otherwise?

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We talk and share everything that concerns us relating to this forum.