If Money wasn't an issue

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you do?
Alternatively if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try?


Apart from the obvious charitable causes to alleviate suffering around the planet, I would pay professional philosophers to sit in a room until they agreed with each other on the big questions.


What questions would you want “agreed upon”? And if they agreed but your view differed, what would you do?


An unlimited amount of money will cause a severe case of inflation, which will do more harm than good to the planet. But if par magic the inflation was not a problem, I will expend the human civilization to outer space.


Questions like “What is knowledge?” and “Do we have free will?” and “Is morality objective?” or “Are the mind and the body the same?”


What are your beliefs about each of these? Why leave the opinions to philosophers? Take the reigns!


obviously … but it’s a hypothetical to inspire people to dream ---- and then to take steps towards achieving them. Any step closer to it, is one step closer to its possibilities.


just give them more money until they agree with you jajajaja :stuck_out_tongue:


give them less money? jaja :sweat_smile:

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Personally if money wasn’t an issue, I think I would: End World Hunger, Ensure Everyone has access to QUALITY health care and then work toward ending violence in any possible way I could.


If money wasn’t an issue, I would fork Brave browser to make fully usable the BAT token in a real decentralized way without a third party to handle creator verification and ads rewards

I would buy all of my friends’ available WLS tokens on the Whaleshares blockchain so that they who have stuck it out would be rewarded well and I would hire a full dev team to build some games I have in my head for the blockchain. When you have no technical skills, it is good to have money.

The second question has the same answer, except I would be borrowing the money.


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