Ideas for future integrations to brave crypto wallet

Hi everyone!

I’ve created this topic to let everyone post an idea to add new features to the brave wallet.

I start with my idea:
create a link (sort of) to paypal to transfer eth to bat and vice versa…

What do you, guys, think about that?
Have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


Does Paypay support any crypto trading? What is the advantage of this over trading through an exchange?

Hey @SpidFightFR, Always suggesting good ideas! :slight_smile:

Would this work within the browser? What would make this different than using Uphold to transfer your BAT to ETH?

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Hi @Dan! thanks for responding me! :wink:

uphold is great but if i wanna claim my bats to use them on steam for instance, i need paypal, because the btc wallet on uphold doesn’t work with steam using bitpay…

using paypal to claim our bat could be a great idea… (plus Paypal is the Biggest internet payment system so i could be much usefull, like to buy something on amazon for instance…)


Am a paypal user as well and i find it very useful however as what Paypal’s CFO John Rainey recently stated during a recent interview as what ive read in forbes,

“We have teams clearly working on blockchain and cryptocurrency as well, and we want to take part in that in whatever form that takes in the future — I just think it’s a little early on right now.

This idea might work in the future and i personally like it as well. There are a few pieces of evidence tthough to suggest that PayPal, today, is showing signs of interest in getting involved in both blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency – the former more so than the latter – because, as the CFO has stated, they want to be a part of whichever is the future.

We are in the era of blockchain and cryptocurrency, after all.


I think PayPal doesn’t have much of a choice but to start getting involved here, don’t you think?

Is there a service out there where you can send BAT using Uphold and have it converted to Steem? I’ve used converters in the past but it was a while ago and wouldn’t know who to recommend at this point.

I don’t have experience but I thought BAT had to using Uphold from the system, and I still use Uphold to transfer BAT to ETH…,:slightly_smiling_face: but will try you guys ideas.

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yeah i was actually thinking today why isnt there a brave email then a wallet and
the BRAVE wallet browser/wallet/publishOx
possibly combination browser wallet email publishOx paypal BRAVE-TEC or BRAVE@1
as in reference to unity everyone stronger together and equal chance for all and the more that use better stronger faster. say a bizzy subway with no service 100s people link to boost entire network converting dead zones without having to upgrade info-structure possibly but im not a tec guy i can hardly defrag my these days everything focusing on quantity over quality they have that saying they dont build them like they used to i think brave should aim for these sorry for my noobish ideals
thx brave keep up the good work ! hopefully at least 1 person agrees

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