I need someone to put me through this crypto stuff

I’m new in this crypto stuff but am just loving it. I will really appreciate if someone help me through


A little internet research should help you … plethora of examples out there. :smiley:

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I’m not sure what you’d like to know or what you are aware of currently, but if you are brand new to the crypto space I’ll point out some simple basics.
The market is essentially priced and co-related to the bitcoin price. If bitcoin(btc) is up so are most of the alt(alternative) coins. BAT is one of those Alt coins.

BAT was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is the second highest priced coin and the long run potential challenger to Bitcoin at this point in time in my opinion with over 350 new dapps of development occurring on their technology right now. Dapps are Digital applications. The ethereum blockchain could sort of be like a windows, or linux protocol. It allows for software to be developed on its platform.

Most coins won’t be around long term, its like the earliest days of the internet, most websites were replaced in time by better alternatives. The crypto space is developing very fast and is therefore volatile to new changes in the technology that could upset the whole space. Currently BTC is the safe haven but even it goes through major swings.

I hope that gives you somewhat of an idea or some things to look into further.