I DON'T receive ADDS to watch

I registered today. It’s been more than 3 hours I am browsing on Brave. I visited a lot of websites, clicked on a lot of links. My Reward system IS ENEABLED. I have setted it to 5 adds per hour, still I did not receive even a SINGLE add to watch or any alert, why don’t I ?

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The number of ads you see depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your country and match found between your interest,

Beginner lessons,

Brave Ads - Supported Countries,

Brave Ads FAQ,

Uphold Non-Supported Geographies ( uphold wallet - to withdraw brave rewards )

(For now wallet verification available for desktop and laptop users only)

I had the same problem at the beginning. Try turning off Brave Ads for at least 10 seconds, and then turning them on again. Is just like a reboot, and, after that, if you leave your computer inactive for one minute and use it again in the navigator, you should start receiving ads.
Other solution I read about was to uninstall and install Brave again, or also to make sure your Brave version is updated.

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I tried all the mentioned and STILL DOESN’T WORK, i received No adds at all and it’s been 2 days I’m using it on 3 different devices. what can be wrong???

Where are you from? (Your country)
Which device do you use? (mobile or computer)
If you are using the computer (Which OS installed on your computer / Windows or other OS)