I can not understandthis subject

I haven’t received the token for two months


Do you mean you never received anything in your browser wallet since you started using Brave?

Yes…i never received anything in my browser wallet since my started using Brave

It is possible that Brave are not yet fully launched in your territory. If you take a look at this page - scroll down to the bottom right and you will see a list of territories that are active - https://brave.com/transparency/
there’ also a Brave FAQ section that might help - perhaps your browser is not set up to see adverts or pictures . .
there’a also a Reddit page if you use that site. . . .

Happy to help if you can narrow down the issue! Kind regards!

Brave Update Version 1.3.115 download may be problem solved

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You set Auto Contribute up to 10.00 BAT 3.07 USD
you can do it can problem solve