I believe that Brave and Presearch are a powerful combination

I believe that Brave and Presearch are a powerful combination. It`s great to earn some BAT just for seeing a few ads on the Brave Browser. In this way, you get paid for browsing the web but not for searching the web. This is where Presearch comes into play.

When you use Presearch to search the web, you will be rewarded with Presearch tokens (PRE). These PRE tokens can be used to buy services or they can be traded for other cryptocurrencies.

I wrote a little tutorial explaining how to combine Brave and Presearch. I believe it`s the perfect combination. Both projects are nice blockchain alternatives to Google services.


So, where can we find the Presearch?


You can find Presearch here

You can make Presearch your default search engine on your Brave Browser. This can be done with a browser extension. Here in this post is explained how that works:


I’ve proposed Presearch to get themselves integrated with Uphold, that would make PRE withdrawals a lot faster and smoother, and with brave Rewards you get two options of crypto income.
Add Swash to the mix too and we are fine.


That`s an awesome idea!


enlighten us about Swash. what is it?


Please enlighten us about swash

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Swash is a microrewards service through an extension, with which you can offer your data while browsing, to be sold on the Streamr network for DATA tokens (they live on the Ethereum network, just like BAT). You can set up the level of privacy:

  1. sending a bit more personal, but not personally identifiable data, including full URL, exact access time, etc
  2. turning some of that into hashed values, masking some, while opting out others
  3. opting out everything, except the root URL, and obfuscating the access date.

The default setting upon the installation and configuration of the extension is the mid-level privacy. The lower, the more valuable the metadata. I have it set to high level privacy. Less DATA earned, but hey, I want to control it, ok?

You can also specify the collected info for various websites and services, like Amazon, search (it includes Google, obviously, Bing, even Baidu, and even DDG), Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube.

You get a wallet created by the extension, and you get to have the private key (not the seed phrase). You can import your wallet into any other wallet that does that via the private key (eg. Brave, and its fork-parent Metamask).

You can read more about them on their website, I think it’s a neat idea: https://swashapp.io/


Impossible to replace google search at once. It can be useful to do just repetitive or meaningless searches. Hopefully it works for them.

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Next month, the search with presearch will be as effective as the search with google. Presearch has as much potential as Brave, both projects are a good combination and a powerful alliance against google products!

After I added Swash to Brave, it automatically downloaded a file. This activity looks suspicious and like a malware.

I added Presearch to Brave, but I ended up setting Google as the default provider in Presearch. So what is the whole point of using Presearch to conduct a Google search? lol

Now I get rewards for searching in Google. Doesn’t make sense.

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It downloads the Chrome extension (crx) before install, because we’re on Brave, and extension install is not without glitches, only on pure Chrome.

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Presearch is using a Google Custom Search backend, but lumps every user into one, thus there is no personal search bubble - the more users use it, the more generic the results will be, same as with Startpage, or any SearX-based metasearch using Google.
But you can set Presearch to use other search engines (you can use Google, Bing, DDG, Startpage, or create your own, which is what I do with /e/ Foundation’s Spot)), and you’d still get rewarded with PRE tokens.

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Thanks for the explanations. I appreciate it. But I still have some questions:

Brave rewards come from sponsors that advertise using Brave. But where does the Presearch reward come from?

The download I see is not a crx file, but a png file, which is weird. Also, I did not see any crx download when installing Presearch.

You can run ads on Presearch by staking your PRE tokens, comparable to Google ads.

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Next month, Presearch is going to release their own search node. It is still a quite young project and developing.

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If I set Presearch to use Google, it will redirect me to Google everytime I search. Then, how will the ads appear?

I have tried Presearch but uninstalled it few days after. The idea is nice however, the search engine is slow and unfriendly compare to Google.

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