I am not gaining BAT

I have been using the brave browser for a week or so now, and I have seen and clicked on a lot of ads but I am yet to receive any BAT from brave, please why is that?

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Hi @Ondotdesignz, welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

BAT is issued once a month, so if you have only been using the Brave browser for a week, then you won’t see any just yet, although you should have an amount pending.

You can check that by tapping ‘Settings’, and then ‘View Details’ in the ‘Ads’ section. You should see your setting for maximum ads to display per hour, estimated pending rewards, next payment date, and number of ads received this month.

One other thing I note from your image, you have Auto-Contribute on. This means that BAT you earn will be distributed to sites you have visited. You can switch this off from the ‘Auto-Contribute’ section of settings.

Hope this helps and answers your question.

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Thanks for the info, it was really helpful, @pcalais

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You did not verify your wallet yet… (U´ll gotta need it to recieve BATS)

I don’t have a verified Government ID card yet.