I am new user of brave

what is brave ? how earn BAT ?

Brave is a browser. It’s based on the Chromium projects which many other browsers use - - Chrome, Edge, Opera and so on.

To earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) you must opt into Brave rewards copy brave://rewards/ into your address bar an hit enter. Enable Brave Rewards, then Ads and finally set your Ads Settings to show up to 5 ads per hour (see image below).

Things to note:

  • Ads are regionally based. Some regions receive more ads than others.
  • BAT is paid out monthly (I believe this is the 5th of each month for all users)
  • BAT is paid for ad notifications, not actually opening the ad. A ad notification is in the form of an OS toast notification.
  • To transfer BAT out from the Brave browser you will need to create an Uphold account. Search the forums for more on this.
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thanks for your help :+1: :+1: