Hyperbolic gang - be brave

decided to use Brave as partner for my project of this new decade as it opens up many great opportunities of collaboration and blockchain space education, with very great content creator support and easy and super fast world wide transfer of funds through this great space of crypto we are in, also the name and meaning of Brave itself relates very well with the whole mantra of my wwwhyperbolic2020.com project as warriors embody bravery.

of course the whole reward system, it is a just a blessing to get the ability to grow local small communities and support them, through BAT with contributions, challenges and rewards for the most valuable content shared and collected on the Hyperbolic Gang Playlist, Topics and Content in fields of health, rehab, prehab, nutrition, conditioning, mobility, and general fitness aswell as knowledge and information from the wealth and crypto sector are freely to reach on hyperbolic2020

if you have any cool challenges or ideas drop a message or email always looking for new ideas, also make sure to visit YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/c/SlobosReality

Wishing everyone an awesome week ahead

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