How you can get automatic BAT tip

There was someone who asked this question that he/she not receiving tips from peoples…

Ok so let me clear you that how you can receive automatic tip from peoples. As you register as publisher on brave, you need to add channels in your profile. These channel may like YouTube, Twitter, redit, own website, or others available for list.

So now you have to create something attractive post or video on your channel that peoples will visit your channel . Keep in mind you have to work on it regularly you can’t expect to get visitors quickly. So as soon peoples will open your verified channel in own brave browser ( because most users set tipping automatic) you ll get tip automatic according to their visit page attention. And more attention on your channel mean more high reward for you :blush::slight_smile::slight_smile:
That is only way to get tip from unknown peoples and you can ask your refferals menual for visit your channel.

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