How would other apps achieve accurate targeting using the BAT SDK?


My understanding is that the “user profile” that Brave builds is all contained inside the browser, stored somewhere on the user’s device. Would this “profile” become available to other apps in that case? Because I don’t imagine for example that one would be able to glean much meaningful information about a user’s interests and habits from their playing of a game like Flappy Bird.

Would the targeting algorithms work more on an OS-level for the BAT SDK? Or is this not something the BAT SDK enables developers to add?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and trying to understand how the SDK would work conceptually, and how one would build an app that could plug into it. I’d really appreciate anything to enlighten me in this regard :slight_smile:


This is a good question, and I believe the idea is that this profile will be synced along with Brave Sync. So, Brave (or some other web browser with BAT-integration) will serve as an anchor.

In cases without a Brave-anchor, I imagine it will at least try to choose ads from relevant categories given the audience for that game. For instance, it’s likely that users of a music game or app will like ads related to music services, etc. I think we will have to wait for more information on this, though, from the engineering team! The SDK is still a little ways out, so detailed answers at this time are difficult to come by!

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Awesome, that makes a lot of sense.

Thanks! Eagerly awaiting more information on the SDK and the BAT Ads whitepaper :slight_smile: