How will tipping ever become a thing

I wonder how BAT tipping will ever become mainstream on social media like Twitter and Reddit as long as the minimum tip amount is a whole BAT. Average price is around 20 cents lately, with everyone expecting it to increase considerably w/ Bitcoin halving approaching and all. Not many ppl want to tip a whole BAT for a Tweet, which isn’t exactly in depth content usually. Is BAT aiming to ever be used for microtipping, so that we can use it to tip for memes we like…or a little snippet of advice someone shares? that would be its best use case on social media. Are there plans to incorporate fractionated tipping amounts? When I do a search here and in Brave forum i don’t really see anything about it, though I used to months ago


I agree I think Brave BAT would eventually benefit from adding more decimal points as the token adoption gains more momentum. I am glad you brought this up as it was also something i was considering. food for thought i hope the Brave browser and BAT community agrees and we can get more steam behind this movement.


Hello @jmbsol and @Cunnj – Custom tipping amounts are in the pipeline.
I found something here:

Features take a bit to get implemented in some cases, so stay tuned.


Thanks. I hope to see more about this soon. Microtipping is where it’s at afaic, when it comes to social media tipping. I can see it getting more activity even than tipping pusblisher’s sites. But will Ethereum be able to scale to handle a large volume of micro tipping transactions? That is another question I have. It would be really cool though if it all worked out


Micro-tipping may be second nature to social media. I can see myself tipping a tweet as I add it to bookmarks.

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Welcome to the internet of value, now we can tips and earn money on internet that’s great. Thank you Web upgrade 3.0

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