How to transfer our BAT tokens to other wallets?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I started using Brave a week ago and like its simple way of working. But I read that we can’t use the BAT we collect, like transferring them to our private wallet, send to friends, trade etc.

So is the token only useful to reward websites we visit and appreciate, and not to us personally ?

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Yes, I read about it on some websites, but it seems it’s been planned for quite some time now. It’s a pity it’s main advert is about earning while viewing ads and finally we just get a closed wallet with no guaranty it’ll be in use one day. It’s like proposing a full app that is in fact just in beta testing !

I would have loved to recommend/promote it, that will wait until it’s giving what it promises in it’s presentation.

Thanks for the answer Dgenies :slight_smile:


If you had your own website I guess you could tip yourself.

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I understand better, thanks for the explanation. Mainly, Brave is lying by presenting a system that doesn’t yet work, but NOT saying so… and I guess users have 3 choices :

  1. do the same as Brave, and sort of “cheat” by tipping themselves through their own website.

  2. Just uninstall Brave because they don’t like the way they have been fooled.

  3. Close their eyes and prey it would work one day.

Personally I think Brave team should really tell the truth while presenting their browser, and say the wallet system is NOT COMPLETE YET, to avoid bad reputation.

Have a nice day !

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Tesla spoke about full autonomy of their vehicles for more than 4 years before releasing it. Spacex and its BFR and mars plan. this companies put out their goals like reality and hope people buy into their dreams and work towards its development. Spacex sold cargo space to company when it had not even developed a single rocket in its early days. So Brave is even better since day on brave promised privacy then payment it is delivering on one end and working on delivering on the other. for privacy and adblocking i would say 70% done but for payment and wallets - 40% done. Did you know they have started the paid ad program in some regions.


Ha, no I didn’t know, I hope it’ll work :slight_smile: . I just think the presentation should be crystal clear to make a good fan base. Fans like something because the put trust in it, being honest makes people trust you.

I prefer the person saying : “I’ll give you 1 cookie” and actually do so, than someone saying “I’ll give you ten cookies”, and not deliver one.

Again, thanks for your explanation Dgenies.

Good night…

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Hi @Zoops,

Brave users will eventually be able to withdraw BAT earnings to their own personal wallets.
We will announce this feature closer to release :slight_smile:

From the Brave Ads announcement post:

Brave is also working on an option to let users withdraw BAT from their wallets for personal use, converting their BAT to a local fiat currency through exchange partners.

From the intro guide:

At present, users who enable Brave Rewards in their Brave browsers will generate a unidirectional, in-browser BAT wallet with multiple funding options (e.g., BAT, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.). Future updates will include a multi-directional wallet upgrade that will allow users to transfer BAT tokens—such as those earned via Brave Ads—out of the wallet.

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@Zoops furthermore, the user @Dgenies is referring to publishers withdrawing free BAT grants.
The BAT that we use for grants comes from Brave’s User Growth Pool (UGP).

Important: BAT earnings from Brave Ads are not restricted and can be sent to anyone.

You can learn more about UGP self-tipping at the following post.

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Hello @Stephen, thanks for your explanation and the links, hope all goes well !

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