How to transfer BAT

Hi all.
I have some Bat in my Android Brave browser wallet that I’d like to transfer to my Binance wallet.
I can easily move my tokens in the Windows version of Brave but can’t find a way to do it on my Android Smartphone.
Any help much appreciated!

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Hi. I don’t believe there is a way to transfer BAT out of mobile wallets. I have read that you will be able to synchronize BAT wallets across devices sometime in 2020.

Hi, this could be tricky, but you can try.

First you have to get your Uphold Wallet verified. To do this you have to use a browser.
Then, when you get verified go to your Brave Browser (better if nightly version) and use the “unverified card” option to get redirected to Uphold, log in, clic next to everything, and your mobile wallet wil lbe synced to your desktop version.

Now you can use your tokens to move it to a Binance account with your code.

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Thanks but I’m a little confused still.

*Hello! *
May you please try to consult support for this issue.