How to maximize the ads per day?

any suggestion about this.


Hi @aces1968 you can maximize your ads per day by increasing the maximum number of ads per hour in the browser settings. You can do this by typing chrome://rewards/ in your brave browser, click on settings and set the maximum number of ads per hour. I hope this help.


@aces1968 Also take note that you only receive ads when the browser is opened or minimized.


Just clicked the red pyramid or triangle at the top screen of you phone then go to settings find it there…


Thank you for the tip… I never knew this and I’ve been using brave for almost 3yrs… My settings was on 2 ads every hour now I changed it to 5/hr…


i make about 30 bat a month on 5 ads per hour which is just over £5


Hi, I set my browser to maximum number of ads per hour (5 ads) but it looks like it is not working. Sometimes there is like 10 ads per whole day. Furthermore there are days when not even one ad appears. Does anybody has the same issue or is this normal behaviour? I keep my Brave browser opened during whole day.

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It works for me just patient for a little while.

Hi Dveloper, Is this statement (… when the browser is opened or minimized) coming from your experience or you read it somewhere ? I have the feeling that you get ads only when you are actively using the browser, i.e. the focus is on the Brave window.

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It’s coming from my experience, I receive ads on the mobile browser when the browser is currently active or minimized.

Hello chris! That’s a good amount of BAT

there’s 3 months I don’t receive ads or tokens BAT and you earning 5 Euro per month. I’d like to know why stopped to me?

Yeah, same experience here! It but logical that you earn when you pay attention to using Brave browser. it defeats the purpose when you are using other browser and then you still get ads and rewarded. But who knows, the BAT marketing might try another way.