How to get bat if i am not a creator

I am not a creator sometimes i didnt see the bat ads,i can get some bats just for browsing?my balance was very very small,please lead me i really really needs your help

By opt-in to Brave Ads.

Brave Ads is growing. The BAT that you received is also depends on the availability of ads campaign in Indonesia.

If more advertisers run their campaign in Brave platform and targeting Indonesian users, you’ll see more ads.


But they give me only a few bat even less than one bat ,how can i get more bat if they didnt give some ads for us?

Well, you need to know that nothing is free. You can get some followers in Twitter and connect it in your Brave creator’s profile and then you could receive tips for your content. The only way we have now is advertising via browser if you don’t are creator.

Yeah if they give me a tips how if they not?sorry my english so bad,can i put my reff link in here?i mean my another link in another website?did they will blocked me?

You can’t shill another projects here. I was banned for two days by doing it. There is many ways to earn crypto in easy steps, but you can’t talk about them there. Just BAT related things.

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Thanks for the info,i guess its much better cryptotab just for browsing they paid for free without asking too much,simple transaction and system

This one @diansinggih :point_up:
BAT you earned per ads is 70% of the ads value itself. And it’s vary for each ads.

From transparency page I linked above, there’s currently only 1 active campaign for Indonesia – which is from Brave/BAT itself. And it’s only ± 2 months since Brave Ads is supported in Indonesia.

Again, if more advertisers run their campaign in Brave platform, you’ll see more ads, and you’ll earn more BAT.

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You can do both things. Personally I use several browsers (now including Brave). You just need to be more active. I’ve read that you need more interaction with Brave if you want to see more advertising, not just open a page and stay there.
Let me know if I can help you with anything. Cheers!

But when?sorry i was new in here i just seeing a coinbase ads no one else they said 5 ads perhour but i am waiting for too long no ads was showed

I am using 2 app the other one almost reach 14 k ads ,i am so active with my browser on pc almost 13 hours in a day just for browsing.did i will get paid for that?

That’s up to settings. Also worth to read

Again, the number of ads you see is also depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country.


Look my earnings and navigation data. Its like eljuno said, if there isn’t any advertisement campaign in your country, should be harder for you to get more paid ads. Particularly, in Venezuela (where i am from) Brave ads weren’t available since a few weeks. Now yes, just a few, but at least we can grab some BATs there and help the community.

Make sure to allow the maximum amount of ads per hour which is 5. Also, join Publish ox I would post a link but this site won’t allow me to do that.