How to earn BAT fast?

hello im new here . can anyone help me to earn BAT faster. any tips, tricks, strategies from the pro here.


Try using your browser whenever you can so that it collects data to build ads for you. put “5 ads per hour” in the settings and then just wait


@rdacruz thank you for your helfull tips


thanks for your reply . im already doing it.

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Per experience, whilst it is true ads in some way, but spreading your unique link to users and switching them to brave is more speedy acquisition of the token.


@chiefjustice so I just joined the BAT community and I’m from Nigeria. While we don’t receive ads here yet, I decided to promo my unique Barave download link. It has yielded a couple of success converts from G. Chrome but I still haven’t gotten any BAT’s credited to my wallet. Do you have any idea if it’s my region that is the problem or do I wait for a period of time for my wallet to start receiving BAT for referrals? I’m at a loss here. Can you help?

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Sorry for the typo, I meant to spell “Brave” not Barave.

The best way to earn BAT token for me been by getting other download Brave browser with my referral link

  • The more you browse, the more ads would likely pop-up
  • Remember ads are generally target related. If you live in a zone with low advertisers like me they might be always the same 2-3 global ads in rotation
  • Set max 5 ads/hour in ads settings
  • Converting other users to use Brave Browser with referreal link also is a good and faster method
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@Yashim, sorry for late reply. Well this is the story I would like to share, I made use of the browser in august (registration and sort), I thought the same why I am not receiving any tokens at all, I made some users also register as a successful referral.

My 1st token I received in my account (uphold) was in October already last month in PH (:crazy_face:), still October in other parts of the world, lol.

And my next payment schedule is December already as I am seeing it. So I think there is a month gap in between. If any experience similar to this, please let me know, I would like to be enlighten also.

To be honest, I am not minding this atm.

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@Yashim, here is a little update on the post, so upon checking, my uphold is somehow disconnected, I view now, I have pending tokens to be delivered as scheduled. So it is not a month gap, disregard my previous reply. Just check yours brethren on the uphold account itself. It will show there the schedule payment, and how many have downloaded your link and confirmed users…

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@chiefjustice thanks a lot for the tip.

@chiefjustice funny thing is that as of yesterday, my BAT pending payouts didn’t show any funds, it read 0.00 how ever I had 14 Downloaded, 7 Installed and 0 confirmed considering I registered in October (don’t know if that is normal). Suddenly this changed this morning November 1st. Downloaded, Installed and confirmed all now read 0 while my pending payouts now read -“payout in progress”. I’m so new at this and for the life of me I don’t know what to make of all this. In my head it’s like I don’t know what’s right on the money or off the mark. All I can do is wait and see what happens in the next few days. #sighs. However, I really appreciate your assistance.

My rewards didn’t come for ages, I didn’t worry in the end some turned up, I was very happy then. They will turn up for you just wait.

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@Jetplane10 that’s quite a relief to hear. I thought for a moment there that I was just grasping at straws. I’m be patient and hang in there. Much appreciated.

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hi guys, I’m new here, and totally new to this BAT thing. I get that I can enable BAT to get tokens… but what’s this referral link that some of you are talking about? How and where do I go to get my referral link?

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@jefflim you can get your BRAVE REFERRAL LINK in your mailbox/email ( check: spam, inbox, etc…) share it to your facebook, Twitter or any social media channels. Then you must keep using your BRAVE BROWSER daily​:v::point_right:, and you can be Verified BRAVE publisher After 30 days​:pray:

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Thanks @AbdhulJabbar22, but I’ve nothing in my inbox. Checked spam too.

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You can find information on the referral program here:

You just have to create an account at, and then you can generate your referral link!

It’s very easy!

Tutorial (a little older, but instructions are mostly the same!):

thanks, @chriscat. Finally, some genuine info!

I saw the previous reply, btw. Can you believe somebody tried to get me to use their referral link as mine? was that just downright slimy or what?