How to check on my bat wallet?

Hello everyone…can someone please tell me if how to check my bat wallet and where can i find it…patience for my ignorance but i really dont know if i could transfer my reward bat to my other wallet.thank you for understanding

Did you enable Brave Rewards within the browser and are you seeing ads?

Yes…i want to transfer my rewards to uphold but i dont know how.

@Azilanna You need to verify your wallet inside the Brave Rewards.
See here:

Hi @Azilanna. Keep in mind that if you’re using Brave on Android you can’t send your BATs to any other wallet. That feature is not implemented yet.

In the other hand, if you’re on desktop and you’ve successfully verified your account on UpHold then go to chrome://rewards/ (o click the brave rewards icon on the toolbar then click on Rewards Settings). You will see the Withdraw funds button there on the right below your funds.

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