How to be verrified creator

Hi, i own a web site and i try to be a verrified creator.

The problem is that i don’t receive THE email. My mailbox is on hotmail.

any solution ?


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Hi @PereCastor,

Have you tried checking your spam folder? You can also try once more to make sure you entered the correct email address.

Let me know if that solves the problem! :smile:

i check like 10 times over 2 week maybe more.
i already try to re-send the mail verification. i receive none.

maybe the system of brave doesn’t like outlook ?

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@PereCastor – If you’re having difficulty verifying your website, head to We have a dedicated support team there that can help you there.

@PereCastor Can you PM me your publisher email, please? We can usually find a fix for this!

Pardon me, but i dont see how to PM or you @email.

That a bit odd :slight_smile:

You can click on my username to send me a direct message. Otherwise, please email Thank you! :slight_smile:

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i think the mail got lost, again. I receive instruction of how to. But i think i have non creative uphold account.

Is there any difference between a creator account and the other ?


A creator account is through This is where you would go to verify your website.

Uphold is a different company (but a partner of ours).

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Thanks. That work fine.

I suggest to put a post guide for new brave creator. It’s a bit odd to not now basic stuff like that.

one again thaks, hope this brave adventure will go far.


This is a good idea @PereCastor – what would you like to see in a guide like this?

A post guide or a beginner guide for creator who explain that uphold and brave creator account are not the same and some etra info on how to be verified, maybe step by step.

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This is great feedback @PereCastor. Any other information you’d want to see, outside of Uphold and the Creator account?

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