How many ADS do you see per day?

Hi, I know that this depends about the country you are.
I’m in Italy and I saw 2 ads in the last 3 days, I think is a little low, but maybe could be normal because here in Italy there is the possibility of seeing the ads only from a week.

But just to know, how much is the amount of ads traffic in your country?


Hay, I have my settings to 5 ads an hour but usually get about 2 - 4 ads every two days on average.


Hello I am from India but I don’t know how how ads and type of ads show

Hello I am from India and my question is I am reffer someone then how many reffral token I get per reffer and how many time like per user install and confirm per user so I get token 1time or every month reffral token help me

Hello, You get a one time referral fee if I am not mistaken, the amount depends on the region. The user must also download, install and use brave for a 30 day period before your referral is complete. See the link for more info.

I live in Poland and I have “5 ads per hour” setting set up as well.
I get only few ads per week, on mobile a little often, but still not as much as the limit (it’s like 5 ads for whole day in total, but sometimes I get 0 ads).

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Anyone hear from India how many ads every day show can tell me anyone and how many BAT Earn monthly

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The number of ads shown will depend on the region and how many campaigns we have running there at the moment. We are working to get additional ads running!


@Sunny3639 I get 3-5 ads within 2 days.I referred my friends but they get 0 ads

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@cicada3301 This may depend on their location. If they are in areas where Brave ads are not running, they would not see ads just yet.

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Running for 2 weeks now… 12 ads so far. I’m using the “up to 5 per hour” option.


Hi everyone I’ve been running the ad-rewards in Canada at 5 per hour also, but not receiving that much. (between 10 to 20 per month). The only problem I have with ad-rewards BAT token earn is that it never been deposited into my wallet since I’ve used it for the last 3 months! My last ad-rewards for October were suppose to be deposited in Nov. 4 and I haven’t received it yet… I don’t know where these ad-rewards payment are deposit, I never had any problem with people sending my tips or the referral they’re deposit into my Brave Uphold Wallet with no problem.

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Hi @Goldenmat, we have limited campaigns running at the moment. Many ads are capped so you’re not seeing repeated ones all the time.

Be sure to verify your wallet by following these instructions. If you are still having difficulties with Brave/Uphold, please head to where our support staff can help you troubleshoot this!

Thank you Dan for your reply it’s really appreciated. I have to address you something as a BAT community Leader member you might be able to help. Our group of more the 8 persons won the Sept. giveaway contest 5 referrals. We still haven’t received anything yet, the Brave merch was suppose to be sent to us in October. We’ve tried to address this issue to Jennie the Leader who initiate and was in charge of this giveaway contest and we haven’t received any news from her. I really feel like an idiot with all these person I had enrolled into this community who stop asking me question about this issue and they think that was a scam! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Goldenmat I’m checking into this. There was a lot of merch that had to go out but will find out where it is.

Thank you very much Dan for your help much appreciated, looking forward to hear from you guys…


There are limit for per user max 5 ads per hour may receive as notification but currently less ads providing for all because of less publishers knowing about grow own views on his/her contents, posts. So as soon more publishers grow in brave everyone will receive more ads…


Hello I am brave mobile user also verified uphold account
My question is I am reffer one of my friends who work in my company and my company many computer live in my company and one of my friends i am reffer also work in my company and my friend install brave in his mobile and computer also and connect single uphold account in computer and mobile if any problems

And I have also personal computer in my company so I am also install brave in my pc so can I get reward my uphold account brave are any illigal activity ?

2pc diffrent but internet connection same so

1pc my friend install his uphold (friend uphold account)
1mobile with brave (same uphold account
1pc my connect my uphold account any problem(my uphold account)
1mobile (my uphold account )

Inshort my question is I have 50 pc and and I am using same internet on 50 pc and install all 50pc brave and uphold account account are different for all pc so any problems of illigal activity count by brave or uphold

This is true @Bmining. We’re working hard to get more advertisers going on the platform!


@Sunny3639 – I’m not sure if having multiple Brave wallets would cause any issues. Before installing to that many computers, your friends should consult their local IT policy.

To get an answer to your referral question, please direct your question to the Brave Community forum.