How Indian users can pass uphold verification

Hi indians :india::man_with_turban: I know many peoples face problem to pass KYC problem in uphold wallet if you dnt have passport or driver license . Just follow these steps to pass successfully kyc verificationā€¦

Go to verification page

Submit your adhar front and back in gov. Issued option.

After submission you ll receive an email that your verification failed.

Login once again

Resubmit again in passport option your PAN card photo .

After resubmit you have to send an email to support at uphold. Com with subject KYC verification

Write these texts

Hello sir i submitted my gov. Issued Iā€™d in first attempt and your system failed to approve my KYC documents and now I resubmitted again my PAN card in passport option so please approve my KYC documents. :slight_smile::blush: