How do You Limit Tracking Apps?

With the recent talks about a COVID19 Virus Tracking App, there’s been rumors & speculation that this (or similar apps) and going to be downloaded to your cellphone as a system update, which you won’t be able to disable or uninstall and even if you checked the Apps Menu, you might not find it cause it will have a generic name like “SyncManager”…

Having said that and almost sounding paranoid, how do we prevent apps from tracking us and downloading themselves to our devices?

I know the BRAVE Browser is supposed to be safe and takes care of a big percentage of unwanted /suspicious tracking, but what about regular cellphone activity, like checking the weather or finding an address on the map app, or even using a Fitbit watch? All these things require location tracking, and some apps are even more aggressive requesting permissions that aren’t necessary but won’t work if you turn them off.

So my question is twofold:

  1. how can we limit apps that track us?

  2. how can we discover if we’ve already received the virus app (and all tracking apps) without our knowledge and permission?

I don’t think turning off GPS alone can fix this problem. Does using VPN help with this issue?

Is there a security tool that can find out if your phone has been infiltrated ?


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