How do the ads appear?

Could someone explain in more detail how ads appear?
I mean do you have to go to specific webpages or they appear regardless?
If so is there a list of those websites?
Why is it limited to maximum 5 ads per hour and is that going to change soon?
Why ads in my android phone give me 0.01 BAT and my laptop gives me 0.05 BAT?
How can I have both wallets combined in one?
Feel free to give as much information as possible and add more questions/answers!

Thank you

As OS notification. Ads on websites are blocked, but in the future website owners will have possibility to input on-page ads and earn on them.

I don’t think this would be changed. Remember, that this system is not to “make a living” for user. There is limited number of advertisers and limited number of users. To give everyone a chance of seeing an ad, there is need to make some limits. More over, goal of advertisements is to grow brand recognition and grow of sales, so keep in mind, that they are not just giving away money for nothing. If they see no results of their campaigns, they will not spend any cent more.

Sync in Brave browser now works only for bookmarks. Syncing wallet will be possible in the future.

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Thank you Krylan for your reply!
When I said appear I mean not the way but when.
Do I have to be on a specific website for the notification to appear?
As for the limit I understand your point. I just hope in the future the number of advertisers against the users will be such to support an increase (at least to be able to see 5 an hour, now most of the time it is 0 here in Germany) .
Also do you know why I get per ad 0,01 on my mobile and 0,05 on my pc?
Thank you

Sorry for the misunderstanding, then.
No, there is no requirements about websites you are visiting. You just need to use Brave browser and it will show you an advertisement from time to time.

Brave has most advertisers in English-speaking countries… and Germany. On this website you can see statistics on active campaigns, verified creators and BAT purchases:

I don’t have any information on that. From my personal experiences I can see, that mobile ads are displayed a little more often than on PC.

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Thank you so much Krylan for the information! Very helpful!

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amazing responses @Krylan! :smiley: