How could i add my ad code into my website?

If the user view this ads, I will take BAT rewards from the owner of ads.

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You can’t display Brave ads on your website. These ads are going directly to the user through web browser in a form of an OS notification.

Brave is getting 30% of the price of advertistment (for maintaining and developing the project), the rest (70%) is going to the user.


@Krylan @plainsong but in the future, there’ll be “publisher ads” which is shown on web page. Not yet available.

Site owner will get 70% of revenue share, and user+Brave will get 15% each.


@eljuno I didn’t hear about that, thanks for the info.

70% of ad revenue sounds great. And it still will be for ad display/view (CPM), or for each click (CPC)?

I’m also curious how personalized ads will work with privacy as the priority, to not slow down the website. It will use the same catalogue user gets for browser? And what with non-Brave users, what they will see in the place of ad?

I’m really interested in this feature :smiley:

Right now, it is CPM. However, we are expanding to different pricing models moving forward.

Users who opt into Brave Ads will see privately-matched advertisements from the BAT network and earn a share of the ad revenue in BAT tokens. Since ad matching and delivery is performed by the browser entirely client-side , BAT and Brave Ads requires absolutely no user data collection or tracking.

There are two kinds of advertisements in Brave Ads:

  1. User Ads: User ads are delivered directly to the user in a separate ad tab at specific moments in the user’s browsing experience. The user will receive an ad notification which they can choose to expand or dismiss. If expanded, user ads reveal a landing page in a new browser tab. Users will earn 70% of ad revenue for user ads.

  2. Publisher-integrated Ads: Publisher ads are viewed by the user on or in association with publisher content, such as an interstitial banner advertisement on a publisher’s webpage. Publishers will earn 70% of ad revenue, and users 15%, for publisher ads.

Personalized Ads

BAT eliminates the need for third-party tracking and middlemen by matching and delivering ads client-side, locally and on-device. In Brave, an ad catalog comprised of landing page URLs and other campaign segmentation data will be periodically downloaded into the browser. Brave will then match and deliver ads from the catalog to the user, using client-side machine learning algorithms against locally-stored data. Since all matching happens client-side on locally-stored data, absolutely no tracking or user data collection is required, including by Brave Software . (Read more about BAT’s innovative, privacy-respecting matching/targeting system in this post.)

Targeting and delivering ads client-side confers many benefits:

  • Privacy. Users’ browsing data (e.g., browsing history) can be kept private, as all data required for ad-matching never leaves the device and third-party trackers are blocked by default.

  • Improved ad matching. BAT Ads in the browser can see everything: search queries, Amazon queries and consummations, click logs/tab constellations, absolute above the fold and Z-order visibility and viewability. The browser has the full corpus of user data and intent signals, including active tabs, URL and search keyword entry data, browsing history, etc. The BAT platform, in conjunction with the browser, can therefore match ads with greater precision and determine if a user is actually in the optimal time and place in their browsing experience for an offer.