How about we have Reputation Level on this forum?

Since the forum is heating up gradually, how about we set up some kind of reputation level for the forum!

The reputation level will be based on stats such as this:

What do you think moderators and Brave buddies?

The higher the reputation, the more privilege!

  • Yes, Reputation Level is good
  • Nah, it is good as it is!

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Please, if you voted “No”, state the reason why wouldn’t be a good idea!

It’s a ridiculous, prepubescent game. It ends up rewarding people who don’t have lives and they end up polluting the forums… ie Stack Exchange. But, in the end, my opinion won’t matter.
You asked… I responded.

I would answer with a «Yes IF» but, because there is only 2 options, I would say no.
Actually, all depends on what metrics you pick up to calculate a reputation level. I quite agree with @Knives, if you reward the mass of posts from a few «nolife» guys, it doesn’t make sense.

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I think it a good idea. I’m sure BAT is kot the only coin people here hold, if anyone has market info or predictions that could help then it would be nice to share.
My opinion.

We’re intend to tune up the forum. Stay tuned.


I like it,very much. I think the first “days visited” wold have to be clearly first on the algorithm. and yes I think you are on a big winner there. I put the trust in you guys to listen to everybody and deliver us the best.

Sure. Excited about whether its Trick or Treat. :slight_smile:

The way Knives writes is unhelpful and toxic, he has a point but it just comes across as dismissive of any other possibility. I agree there are young people who could be without much else going on sitting on forums, but then there could be mature advocates who are just keenly interested in the platform.

How the two are distinguished could be a conversation.

Trust is what all this space is about, where it starts and where it ends. So long as ratings have limited ability to pervert the system, I think it would be a good idea.