HIVE emerges from STEEM

Interestingly enough, I do not seem many examples where the community must divide in order to maintain their integrity concerning values in the blockchain world. I’m sure there was a difference of opinion concerning Bitcoin and BCH, or Ethereum and ETC. Yet, this case about STEEM seems different. Justin Sun, a businessman, along with the help of exchanges, Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex centralized the STEEM blockchain, by instituting sock puppet witnesses, not supported by the people. Finally showing signs of a robust group, individuals like myself, came to the only feasible solution for a decentralized space and token, a hardfork. I am not here to ‘shill’ the platform, nor bash investors, but I am curious to hear from a forum concerning another token. How does this situation affect blockchain? Are these developments significant? How would people using BAT react if an agent with enough resource purchased BAT and changed the direction of the token towards a different mission or purpose? Please, leave your thoughts below. You can find more of my work at thatkidsblack. I am a Brave creator and appreciate all support in any form.


if brave choose BAT as voucher or marketing invention in the market to gratify user old project getting real today .Binance will not let it go like that .A week ago i bookmark HIVE in my fast trade folder did not yet spot trade it